Ensure A Homemade Quilted Headboard To The Wall Ideas

Nov 3rd

Quilted Headboard – A homemade quilted headboard is made from a large piece of plywood, which is layered with quilted batting and topped with decorative fabric. If you made your own headboard for your bedroom, you must attach it to the wall. Material of the wall – such as drywall or solid wood – will dictate the kind of tools and hardware you use.

Top Quilted Headboard
Top Quilted Headboard

To ensure a homemade quilted headboard to the wall,first steps is place the headboard against the wall first, adjusting it to the height you want it over your mattress. Draw a line across the top of the headboard, on the wall. This serves as a loose guide. Second, turn your yard stick vertically and measure 12 inches down from the top of the line. Mark 12-inch mark with a pencil. Now the yard stick horizontally to the mark you have made. If your headboard is 60 inches long, making a mark every 5 inches over the entire length of the wall.This is where you want to mount your brackets.

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Third, screw the brackets on the wall first in each 5-inch mark, using a screwdriver and screws. If you have drywall to hammer or screw drywall nails or screws. Fourth, turn the headboard above so that the back is facing you. Use your yardstick, measure 12 inches down and 5 inches in width of the back of the headboard. Attach the bracket in the same way you attached them to the wall. Last, hook headboard bracket for wall mounting. And steps to ensure a homemade quilted headboard to the wall was finished.

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